FIA Main Event

For the first time since the class inception the nostalgia funny cars were included on the Main Event entry. With the new concrete track would we see some new personal best times being made?? We sure would!!

Qualifying one was a short lived affair as Tony Betts drove his car off after the burnout and Bob Glassup was shut down after his burnout due to a fluid leak. Rob Elsom didn't make it down for Q1.

With qualifying 2 set for the evening all 3 cars towed down, but after a colossal boomer from one of the top fuel funny cars the subsequent run time was reduced and the nostalgia funnies towed back to the pits, a very frustrating day for all involved for sure, better luck for Sunday fingers crossed!

Onto qualifying 2 (take 2) and hopefully some good runs from the nostalgia funnies. Tony Betts did not disappoint with a cracking new pb run for the Venom Camaro, 1.0611 to 60ft and to half track in 4.00, Tony crossed the stripe in 6.0354 at 233.81mph, well done Tony and the whole Venom Racing team.

Rob Elsom rounded the corner to make his first run of the weekend, burnout completed and staged, the lights ran and a quick jump on the throttle netting a 60ft time of 1.3517 and a time on the board. Sadly Bob Glassup was towed back to the pits.

Sunday afternoon means one thing, finally qualifying! Bob and Rob making it down for the final session. Bob blipping the throttle bringing the car from the pairing lanes, and a nice strong burnout. On the launch the car hit with shake pulling the car to the wall, Bob got off the throttle and saved the Capri from hitting the wall, netting him an ET of 7.8025 at 129.44 mph. Next up was the Dirty Deeds car, Rob staying on the throttle until the 300ft markers, gathering the data. A 60ft time of 1.2010 showed improvement for the previous run and to 300ft in 3.1006 seconds. This netted Rob a 1/4 mile of 8.5796 at 109.65mph

The Semi Finals!

The semi finals was to be Rob Elsom against Bob Glassup, sadly we were denied this as Rob shut down for fluids after the burnout and was quickly pushed back so not to hinder bob, good job everyone, especially in that heat! This left the track to Bob, with his new fuel system set up making the car sound stronger than it ever has Bob unleashed a new PB, smashing his previous by close to a whole second! The 60 time of 1.1524 showed really good pace leading to 6.6371 coming up on the score boards at 213.93mph, well done to Bob and the whole Bubblegum team.

The PB run for Bob from a different angle, thank you to Matt Glassup for the video!

This left Tony on a bye run for his semi final, and creeping ever closer to that 5 second run. Tony's car stuck down the track unleashing yet another PB on the new Santa Pod track. 60ft time of 1.0588 lead to Tony going through the traps at 6.0161 at 245.04, well done again to the Venom team!

Sadly due to damage from both finalists the final wasn't going to happen. That said a big well done to all the teams involved for putting on a fantastic show in trying circumstances. The next event is the SPRC Summer nationals, we hope to see you all there.


Thank you to Andy Marrs and the Santa Pod timing crew for the numbers.

Thank you to Eurodragster for their constant, tireless efforts over the whole weekend, sleep is for the weak?

The Santa Pod team and track crew for all their hard work.

A big thank you to Neil Dilkes for his fantastic footage, be sure to check out Neil's other videos at his YouTube channel, hit the link below.

Welcome to 2018!!

It has taken some searching but we finally have the website recovered!! Sadly not in time for the Festival of Power, but as you all no doubt know it was a wash out and no funny cars were able to run. Thankfully we won't have too long to wait this year for some old school nitro action as the class is now on the list for the FIA Main Event at Santa Pod. We hope to see you all there and we look forward to seeing which cars turn up!